concert programs

Our repertoire is as varied as our individual musical tastes.  Over the years we have premiered many pieces by contemporary composers (including original compositions and arrangements by all four group members), and have also championed classics by John Cage, Steve Reich, and other giants of percussion chamber music.  We are always happy to work with presenters to come up with a program that is suitable for any type of audience.

Solo Concerts

Elemental Forces

Music inspired by the world around us.  Repertoire selections may include Natural Resources by Ann Southam, Awakening Fire by Jason Stanford, View from the Island by TorQ, and The Elements Suite (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) by Richard Burrows and Daniel Morphy.

Minimalist Masters

A celebration of the pioneers of minimalism and those who have taken up the torch since.  Repertoire selections may include Mallet Quartet and Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich, ...dust into dust... by John Luther Adams, The So-Called Laws of Nature by David Lang, Thrown from a Loop by Daniel Morphy, and Troy by Cecilia Livingston.

Percussion Powerhouses

A "maximalist" program of percussion music.  Repertoire selections may include Third Construction by John Cage, Ersilia by Dinuk Wijeratne, Workers Union by Frederic Rzewski, Conversations regarding the future of architecture by Jamie Drake, and José / BeFORe JOHN5 by Aurél Holló.

Notes from Home

A concert celebrating recent works by Canadian composers.  Repertoire includes compositions by Christos Hatzis, Dinuk Wijeratne, Bekah Simms, Cecilia Livingston, Ann Southam, Andrew Staniland, Peter Hatch and all four members of TorQ.


  • Dinuk Wijeratne, Invisible Cities (available in both orchestra and wind ensemble versions)
  • Bob Becker, Music on the Moon (orchestra)
  • Brian Graiser, Concerto No. 1 for Percussion Quartet and Wind Ensemble ("Toronto Concerto")
  • Brian Graiser, Promethean Concertino No. 1 (orchestra)
  • Kevin Lau, Charon's Dance (wind ensemble)
  • Peter Meechan, Chronology (brass band)
  • Nicole Lizée, Upcoming work (orchestra)
  • David Gillingham, Concertino for Four Percussion (available in both orchestra and wind ensemble versions)

educational performances


TorQ is committed to helping further music education in schools across Canada.  One of our priorities as an ensemble is to share the incredible variety and vitality of percussion.  Since 2004, we have performed for almost 150,000 students across Canada and beyond.  By performing percussion-only solo concerts, TorQ hopes to encourage young percussionists (and other musicians) to become more engaged in music, and to learn to seek out interesting musical experiences. 

TorQ school concerts are designed to appeal not only to the percussionists in the school band but to all the students; whether or not they play an instrument, they will be engaged and excited by a TorQ performance. School concerts include a number of different musical styles on a variety of instruments, including including both standard "concert" instruments and creative "found percussion" sounds. Performances include explanation of the compositions and instruments, and often include interaction and/or improvisation with students. 

TorQ is proud to be partnered with Prologue to the Performing Arts for our educational work. Any events taking place in elementary or secondary schools or involving school groups in Ontario must be booked through Prologue.  As part of our work with Prologue, we have two different concerts geared for grades K-8 to choose from, and can build a concert in consultation with the educator for high school audiences.  (For presenters outside of Ontario who wish to include an educational performance in addition to an evening or matinee concert engagement, we are happy to work with you to put together an appropriate concert for your audience!) Stage requirements for educational shows are minimal:  all that is needed is clear space of at least 25ft (width) by 20ft (depth) with good lighting, and a single speaking microphone.  Because of the amount of instruments we bring to these concerts, we require a minimum of 60 minutes for setup, and 45 minutes for teardown.  For fee information, please visit the Prologue website.